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Hey, thrill seekers!

An exciting future awaits you


It's time to find your passport and polish up your CV because a new country awaits you.  If it's your first time living overseas, congrats on making a decision to be and do something different.  If you're looking to transition from one country to another, you probably know what you're doing but do you know what you're getting into in the new location?

You've both come to the right place.  We're here to help you transition smoothly, leaving you with a sense of comfort and allowing your brain to be excited rather than anxious.



Reading all of the information out there can become exhausting. How about you sit back and watch someone being interviewed and answering the questions that you have about living in that specific country? You see their emotions and hear their tone as they describe life as an expat in an authentic way, which we find to be invaluable.



We want everyone to feel confident that we have your best interest in mind and you'll be prepared for your new adventure.


More From
Our Expats

Some of our expats that were interviewed have since moved on from the country they spoke about. Check out what they are doing now.


Our Team

We have a team that has made many moves and filled out tons of visa paperwork to live in a myriad of countries across multiple continents and  time zones.  You could call them "experts." We do!