4. A La Carte


We understand that not everyone needs a package deal. Let us help you with the details though!

CV/Resume Help

-Our experts have been doing this for a long time. We know what companies look for. Let us fix up your CV to make you a better prospect.

Price: $30


Profile Creation

-Many websites require the applicant to create a profile before being able to apply for jobs. This is a very tedious process. Let us create the profile for you! We can suggest a website or you can choose one.

Price: $50 per website


Visa Information

-Countries have specific requirements not just for travel but also for work. Let us provide the visa information that you need.

Price: $30 per country


Pet Travel

-Our experts are pet lovers and know how to travel with pets. Let us inform you on airline requirements along with what you need to bring your pet into one country of your choice.

Price: $30

Looking for something specific that you don't see here? Contact us about it!