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A key function of our website, service and business is our video interviews.  It's really important for us to inform you that we are going to be adding new video interviews weekly.  We don't want to inundate our viewers with too many videos to sift through from the get go, but rather we want you to be excited about what's happening the following week.  We will have multiple videos for certain key countries that a lot of expats consider and in the end, go to.  It's vital for us to give you multiple perspectives of the same place because experiences abroad are a bit like snowflakes in that two are never exactly the same.  At this time, places like China, Saudi Arabia and South Korea are the hottest places for our target market (ESL teachers) to go to, so those will certainly be some of the first that will have multiple videos.  Speaking of target markets, we are more than just a resource for ESL teachers, so feel free to tell people outside of the ESL world. However, please know that we're targeting teachers right now because the majority of English speaking expats that seek this type of information out are indeed ESL teachers.  A lot of expats start out as teachers too and they find a way to do something they're truly passionate about, abroad.  Thanks for taking the time to read this and understand us a little better.  We hope that you continually find yourself on the site and explore what's new as you explore a new life abroad.

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